If we can study the body language of the other person then it will help us to save our time, sorrows and difficulties. There should be several times when you misunderstood someone's body language and thought that he or she is fascinated to you but after making the move you were shattered. When you can correctly interpret the body language of the other person then you can easily understand whether that person is fascinated to you or not even from a distance. It will also keep you away from giving the incorrect signs yourself.

Classic love signals include leaning closer, smiling, and touching the other person.

Moving closer

When someone is interested in you, the simple way to analyze that is how much intensely he or she is placed to you. If the person stands far away and moves about nearer then he or she is interested. Similarly, the reverse happens when they are near to you but moving far away. The cause of this becoming a large issue is, as you are giving out freedom to them within your reach and they too believe that they are in safe hands.

Making eye contact

Eye contact can be said to be the greatest sign of loving attention. If we are fascinated about someone then we try hard to make an eye contact with that person and if he or she also continues to do so then the person is also fascinated to you. Similarly, you will get an idea if the person is not interested in you from his eyes, if he doesn't make any eye contact with you.


It's a natural human instinct to try and get closer to the things that attract us; so if your date moves their body forward and rests their hand on your arm, albeit casually, it definitely means they are attracted to and interested in you.

Someone can also tell you about his or her interest in you just by emulating your body language. Often it is done unconsciously, but now you will feel better realizing the person's interest on you, as you are now familiar with the body language. Mostly the people do this automatically without even realizing because we always try to copy the person whom we like the most.

On the basis of trust and safety a large amount of body language is built. The opposite sex will feel secured if you come out in a careless manner, if you unwrap yourself to the opposite sex and if they emulate your body language, you can make out their interests in you.

Although, body language is often simple and instinctive still it can clearly sent a romantic signal of interest. As the body language is natural, an exact sign of romantic interest is made.